EasyFlash³ – Flashing the different components

If a new Easyflash3 module was assembled, the individual components, such as the FTDI chip, the CPLD and also the flash are still empty and therefore the module is not ready for use. Or one of the ICs was replaced after a defect and must now be reprogrammed. But also a simple update can be necessary from time to time. Assuming a fresh Windows 10 installation, I describe the procedure to initialize an Easyflash3 completely or to perform an update.

“It’s not a trick, it’s a…” – PSX64 adapter for C64 & Co.

“Oh no, not another joystick adapter” – I can already hear the prophecies of doom from the background. But this time it’s not about another USB joystick adapter for the PC, but about a joystick adapter for all home computers with a D-SUB9 interface, like it was found at Atari and Commodore. And for the Commodore there is even a game which supports this adapter. Because with this adapter you can use the gamepads from the Sony Playstation 2 on the mentioned homecomputers.