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Diversity is one thing. A certain amount of alternatives is a fine thing. But too much of it can also be quite difficult.

And we now have this problem with the so-called “social” media. There are now a good 3 dozen larger ones, and a few smaller ones as well.

So where is the best place to post new information and blog posts? In the past, the RSS feed was actually the tool of choice.

Today, you have to put in a tremendous amount of effort to both run an RSS feed and still be able to read it. So something new was needed.

Therefore, as of today, I can also be found on a Telegram. Under the URL you can find me on Telegram from now on.

The advantage of Telegram is on the one hand the very large distribution, that data protection is taken there still somewhat seriously and that it is above all free and without advertising.

There are clients for Android and IOS, as well as desktop versions for various operating systems. Telegram is also easy to use via the web browser, as long as you have the corresponding app installed on your phone.

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