USB joystick adapter quickly and inexpensively assembled

You just want to play an old game in an emulator. Or you have just built a MiSTer FPGA. Surely you have various joysticks for the good old home computers, such as Atari or Commodore, at home, but they all have in common that there is a 9-pin connector for connection to the computer. PCs never had such a connector. Today, USB is almost always used as the interface. How you can build such an adapter on a breadboard in a very simple way, I would like to describe you in this article.

Texas Instruments TI59 – Repair of my old calculator

Texas Instruments TI59 - Repair of my old calculator

Years ago I had packed my old school calculator, the TI-59 from Texas Instruments, carelessly into a box. There it lay for several decades, until I came across this little treasure chest a few days ago, and all kinds of treasures came to light. Among other things also the TI-59, the battery had run out and it didn’t make a sound anymore. Since I thought that such an old treasure does not belong on the garbage, I have made myself to the repair.