Replica of the DELA EPROMMER II for the Commodore C64

Replica of the DELA EPROMMER II for the Commodore C64

This time I have rebuilt my old DELA EPROMMER II. This was my second EPROM programmer at that time, with which I wrote a lot of EPROMs. And I found that a replica of this extension is worthwhile, especially since still many want to write the EPROMs directly with the C64.

XoomFloppy – The ZoomFloppy in miniature size

XoomFloppy - The ZoomFloppy in miniature size

Connecting a Commodore floppy drive or printer to a PC is no longer a problem. Via USB this is very easy with different hardware solutions. But what I was missing was an elegant solution. So I came up with the idea of the XoomFloppy and packed the whole thing into a USB stick.

Replacement for the gate array in the 1541


There are actually only a few components in the Commodore 1541 drive that like to die. The gate array, UC1 or MOS 325572-01 is one of them. And replacements are not cheap. But you can also build a replacement yourself.

USB joystick adapter quickly and inexpensively assembled

You just want to play an old game in an emulator. Or you have just built a MiSTer FPGA. Surely you have various joysticks for the good old home computers, such as Atari or Commodore, at home, but they all have in common that there is a 9-pin connector for connection to the computer. PCs never had such a connector. Today, USB is almost always used as the interface. How you can build such an adapter on a breadboard in a very simple way, I would like to describe you in this article.