Overview of my projects


Currently the smallest XUM1541 device with full ZoomFloppy compatibility. The entire electronics are located in the DIN connector.

80 column card (based on EX-80+) together with an 8MHz clocked Z80 CPU for CP/M. By using PLD technology, everything could be made small enough to fit into a cartridge case.

One of the few 80 column cards that also work with the Commodore CP/M module. A replica of the extension that was very popular at the time.


The Expert Cartridge

Another replica of a well-known “Freezer” cartridge. This allows you to freeze the score at any time, among other things, in order to continue playing at this point later. “Backups can also be made in this way, of course.

ISEPIC - Ice cold replicated

For its part, the ISEPIC module was quite popular and hated at the same time. At the time, it was one of the first ways for everyone to create backups of copy-protected programmes and games.

Z80-Card for case

Smaller is finer. My 8MHz version of the Commodore CP/M cartridge, which is not only much smaller but also more compatible.

8MHz Z80-Card for Commodore C64

The Commodore CP/M module had several disadvantages. On the one hand the compatibility, on the other hand the size and also the speed were a problem. I have shown with my module that it can be better.


The EasyGate1541 now also for the 1541-II

Auch für die 1541-II habe ich einen Ersatz für das GateArray geschaffen.

TriMod 2.0 Adapter - "IEC", IEEE-488 and Parallel Interface for the 1541

My popular TriMod adapter in a particularly small design. Extends the 1541 floppy by both an IEEE-488 and a “SpeedDOS” interface for parallel speeders.

Building the ZX1541 interface in SMD was no problem, at least as far as the space required for the given board dimensions was concerned. It was a bit more tricky to realize the whole thing with THT components with unchanged dimensions. It wasn't easy, but in the end it worked out.

The ZX1541 interface is now also available without SMD. Very easy to set up, even for beginners. And here, too, a Commodore 1541 can be used as a disk drive for the ZX-81.

Eprom Emulator NG

Emulate EPROMs first instead of having to re-burn each time. Very practical during the development phase.

ZX1541 Interface Rückseite

Allows a Commodore 1541 floppy drive to be used on the Sinclair ZX-81.

Commodore CP/M module disassembled and rebuilt

Replica of the Commodore CP/M module.

New 1541 Controller Board

Improved mainboard for the 1541 floppy drive with many additional features, such as IEEE-488 interface and power supply.

Small update for the XoomFloppy Pro

The XoomFloppy Pro in a slightly different design with an additional Centronics connection and minimal size.


Replica of the 80 column card from Batteries Included for the C64.

The 1541 becomes a 2031 (IEEE-488 version) at the push of a button. In addition, a parallel connection for floppy speeeder is also offered.

Allows the connection of Sony Playstation 2 gamepads to the Commodore C64.

Rebuild of the IEC64W IEEE-488 card for the Commodore C64

IEEE-488 interface for the C64. This means that the “big” CBM drives can also be used.


8 different Kernal to switch on one card for the expansion port of the C64. The REX 9628 External Kernal 8 Cartridge as a replica.

USB 2fach Joystickadapter selbst gebaut

With this you can connect your favourite joystick from the Commodore C64 to the PC. And not just one, but two of them.

XoomFloppy Pro

An XUM1541 with full ZoomFloppy compatibility (and ZoomFloppy firmware) in a much smaller version than the original.

Replica of the DELA EPROMMER II for the Commodore C64

Replica of the DELA EPROMMER II extension.

XoomFloppy - The ZoomFloppy in miniature size

An XUM1541 device in a fancy little USB stick case. Not only does it look good, it is also quite practical.


Replacement for the gate array in the Commodore 1541 floppy drive.

Brainy - 256kByte EPROM card for the C64

An EPROM card with 256kByte in the final configuration, which can be filled with programmes and games.

“Assemble a USB joystick adapter yourself. It’s quick and a lot of fun.