Replica of the DELA EPROMMER II for the Commodore C64


When in the 80’s of the previous century SpeedDOS, EPROM cartridges and many other extensions, an EPROM programmer became almost indispensable.

In Cologne at that time there was the company DELA, which actually had pretty much everything that made the heart of a Commodore C64 owner beat faster.

And that’s where my EPROM programmer came from. I think that it cost about 100,- DM at that time. A lot of money for that time, on the other hand more professional programmers cost a multiple of that and also required an appropriate computer.

I had a lot of fun with the DELA EPROMMER II and it served me very well for a long time. One of the reasons why it was time for a replica.


The circuit is quite simple and also does not require very many parts. Even for less experienced hobbyists this board should not bring major problems with the assembly.

I have kept with the construction of the board approximately to the original. Here and there I used smaller footprints and slightly shifted one or the other component for the routing of the tracks.

OK, the lettering is not original, but I thought it just looked good. Just added what DELA had forgotten at the time. 🙂

Assembled the board looks like this:

Image title

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The software for the DELA EPROMMER II presents itself very tidy and functional. There are 2 (with the test menu 3) menu pages. The individual functions are actually self-explanatory.

Since the range of functions was still quite simple at that time, there are also not so many functions.

After the start, the software presents itself as follows:

Pressing the <6> key takes you to the second menu page:

From here you can also access the test menu. The key combination for the “hidden” menu is <CTRL> + <7>, but this only works if you have previously called up the 2nd menu page.

Various tests can be performed here with the EPROM programming adapter. Quite practical, should something not work.


If you want to rebuild this piece of hardware history, I have put everything you need on my GitHub account:

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