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Restart my old site under new URL

The name changes, nothing else

Some time ago I had taken my old site (dl2dw.de) offline. After that I was asked again and again, if the site would go online again.

Today I can give a definitive answer: Never

So much for the bad news. But the good news is, the content is coming back, maybe a little bit sluggish.

Therefore I still ask for some money. I will restore the old posts so little by little and publish them again on this page.

In parallel I had already started to publish my older projects on GitHub.

Also this I still have to synchronize everything. So it may be that there are still old URLs in the posts.

Why so awkward?

Well, while my old site was offline, I had to change hosting providers. After over 10 years of loyal customers, they had decided to host more and more customers on the same hardware.

At the same time, the service was virtually abolished. This resulted in more and more problems and especially the site became slower and slower.

And finally it was just a simple site under the CMS Joomla. By the way, a tool that could be installed automatically by this provider when a new domain was installed.

In the end I only received the terse answer that the resources for Joomla provided by the provider would not be sufficient.

So I would have had to delete everything, instead of using Joomla and a database behind it, go back to static content with HTML V1.

Well, I spared myself that.

New provider

When moving to a new provider, unfortunately not everything went as smoothly as desired. The new provider was not to blame here!

Thereby essential parts of the CMS logic broke down. But it was not worth the effort to repair all this. Rebuilding a page is less work.

So I just rebuilt the page under a new URL. Joomla became WordPress, and DL2DW became Retrotinker.

But that was it with the changes.

New projects (and “new” old ones) I will present here soon.

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