Small update for the XoomFloppy Pro


There seem to be some who prefer the screwable heavy cables for the GPIB (IEEE-488) connection. Of course, at the end of the chain, one could simply convert to the board edge connector with an appropriate adapter.

But many had wished for the usual 24pin Centronics connector on the XoomFloppy Pro, which I had actually left out for space reasons.

So I had no choice but to make a new edition of the XoomFloppy Pro.

New design

Technically, nothing has changed, only another port has been added. This is parallel to the card edge connector and the pin header already present on the XoomFloppy Pro.

Therefore, only this one connector has been added to the schematic. Otherwise, nothing has changed here.

The layout of the board has of course changed. The D-SUB15 connector for the parallel floppy speeder is now placed next to the serial DIN round connector. This makes the board a bit longer, but gives the necessary space for the newly added IEEE-488 connector.

The width is still given by the board edge connectors and has not changed, the board is of course slightly larger:

Of course, I also had to move or rearrange the components here and there. For the LED I added a SMD LED parallel to the through-hole component. So either a SMD LED or a through hole LED can be used.

The now the new version of the ready equipped XoomFloppy II:

On the picture you can see the 24pin IEEE-488 connector at the upper part of the board, including the screewlocks, with which a plugged connector can be screwed on.

Nothing has changed in terms of firmware. The original firmware of the ZoomFloppy is also used here.


This project can also be found on my GitHubb account for rebuilding:

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