80 Column Card & Z80 CPU: What belongs together comes together

There are few programs for 80 column cards, and the CP/M cartridge makes no real sense without 80 characters. So what is more obvious than to combine both cards. And then to make the whole thing as big as possible, so that it fits into a cartridge case. So make everything smaller, pack it together and the “Double-80s” was born.

EX-80 Plus Cartridge – Real 80 columns on the C64 even under CP/M

There are a good dozen 80 column expansions for the C64. But only very few of them work together with the CP/M module. The EX-80 Plus from MK Datentechnik is one of them. And this one I rebuilt under difficult conditions.

Life really begins at 80…

One of the biggest shortcomings of the Commodore C64 is the display of only 40 characters per line. Word processing programmes in particular suffered from this. But remedial action was taken early on with appropriate expansion cards. This time it’s about the B.I.-80 Display Adapter from Batteries Included. It’s time to treat this card to a replica.