“It’s not a trick, it’s a…” – PSX64 adapter for C64 & Co.

“Oh no, not another joystick adapter” – I can already hear the prophecies of doom from the background. But this time it’s not about another USB joystick adapter for the PC, but about a joystick adapter for all home computers with a D-SUB9 interface, like it was found at Atari and Commodore. And for the Commodore there is even a game which supports this adapter. Because with this adapter you can use the gamepads from the Sony Playstation 2 on the mentioned homecomputers.

The TriMod CBM adapter now also without SMD

My preference for SMD is certainly not shared by everyone. And I promised some time ago to make a version of the TriMod CBM adapter without SMD. And I would like to present it to you in this article. You could also say that Lent is over, it may be a little more again…