ISEPIC – Ice cold replicated

ISEPIC - Ice cold replicated

The ISEPIC cartridge was one of the first so-called freezer cartridges, which made it possible to take snapshots of one’s games and programs. Among other things, it was possible to save game saves for games where this was not intended. But the extension could do even more…

Commodore CP/M module disassembled and rebuilt

Commodore CP/M module disassembled and rebuilt

The Commodore CP/M cartridge was not only infamous from the beginning, but also gained a sad notoriety. Nevertheless, it is a very sought-after module, which is why I completely disassembled mine and made a replica out of it. So everyone can now build such a module himself.

New motherboard for the Commodore 1541 floppy drive, Part II

New 1541 Controller Board

Here now the promised 2nd part about a new system board for the floppy drive VC1541 from Commodore. A complete redesign and the merging of different projects into a new controller board was my goal.