openCBM – Installation under Windows 10

openCBM - Installation unter Windows 10

Windows 10 is supposed to be better, faster and more secure… However, especially the point “safer” brings some imponderables with it, when it comes to installing software and drivers that were not certified by Microsoft. It is about the software package “openCBM”, which is needed for the use of Commodore peripherals on a PC. Many stumble at the driver installation under Windows 10, especially if it is the 64 bit version, one or the other stumbling block. Therefore, I would like to try with this tutorial to make it easier especially for beginners.

USB 2X joystick adapter self made

USB 2fach Joystickadapter selbst gebaut

To connect an old joystick, like the Competition Pro, to a modern PC, you need an adapter. This is because the old joysticks from home computers have an interface that today’s computers no longer have. On the internet you can find many suggestions. I would like to present a very interesting adapter today.

XoomFloppy Pro – May it be a little more?

XoomFloppy Pro

The XoomFloppy is already an ingenious device. But sometimes you need a bit more in terms of ports. Now you could expand the XoomFloppy in a cumbersome way, or as in this case, create a “Pro” variant. The maximum with a minimum of space was my goal.

XoomFloppy – The ZoomFloppy in miniature size

XoomFloppy - The ZoomFloppy in miniature size

Connecting a Commodore floppy drive or printer to a PC is no longer a problem. Via USB this is very easy with different hardware solutions. But what I was missing was an elegant solution. So I came up with the idea of the XoomFloppy and packed the whole thing into a USB stick.