XoomFloppy – The ZoomFloppy in miniature size


Most people surely know the “ZoomFloppy” from RETRO Innovations. The quasi de facto standard, which connects the Commodore with the Intel PC world. Actually there is nothing better.

But as far as the size is concerned, I still saw potential. Especially since mostly only the serial CBM bus is needed. Concerning the electronics, there are not so many components necessary, as the following schematic shows:

The sources of the openCBM package contain all necessary information to create the schematic.

Then I set to work to make the board as small as possible . The first result was already quite small:

I had still intended here to connect the whole thing via USB cable to the PC. Technically, this model worked, but I was simply not yet satisfied with the design.

It just wasn’t yet.

So it took me a few tries to slowly approach the final design.

The final design came about when I happened to find the USB stick case series from the company Richard Wöhr GmbH:

3D model of housing type GH02SG001

Thus the size of the board was already given. Also that it can now be plugged directly into the PC was now clarified. And thanks to the already prepared cable outlet, this problem was also solved.

It could not have been more perfect…

I had to fiddle around a bit to design the board in such a way that it only had to be assembled on one side.

And so the XoomFloppy was born:

The XoomFloppy

Technically, it was a 1:1 copy of the ZoomFloppy. The firmware is also the same. I only left out the connectors for the parallel floppy speeder and IEEE-488.

The latter is only used by a few people anyway and thanks to JiffyDOS even the parallel port has become more and more rare on floppy drives.

Thanks to the case, the whole thing is also perfectly protected and handy to take along.

Klein, Chic und Elegant könnte man die XoomFloppy beschreiben. Praktisch ist sie auf jeden Fall. Und aus dem täglichen Retro Leben eigentlich nicht mehr weg zu denken.


If you want to build your own XoomFloppy, you can find all necessary files on my GitHub account: https://github.com/DL2DW/XoomFloppy_2018

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